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Extension Ee Visa a Bali

Extension Ee Visa a Bali

Do you want to extend your visa but you don’t have much time to complete all the visa extension requirements?
Why don’t you try Visa Agent? Visa Agent is an agent who will help you extending your visa extension processing. We are a legal Visa Extension Agent who you can trust.

This is your adventages in using our services.

1. You only come to Immigration Office at once. You no need to come again for second time.
2.We will provide you the forms.
3.We will notice you about the time you have to do finger print scanning and foto taking to Immigration Office .
4.If there is newest information regarding to your visa process, we will inform you immediately.

 Save your time by contacting us.
Please see our services price list below:
Regular Extension Tourist/ VOA
·       Duration         : 10-14 days
·       Price               : 700k IDR
·       1 Visit to immigration office is Jimbaran
One Week Service
·       Duration         : 7 days
·       Price               : 850k IDR
·       1 Visit to immigration office is Jimbaran
Express Extension
·       Duration         : 3-4 days
·       Price               : 1 Mill IDR
·       1 Visit to immigration office is Jimbaran
Extra Fast Extension
·       Duration         : 1 day
·       Price               : 1,5 Mill IDR
·       1 Visit to immigration office is Jimbaran
Social Visa for 6 Months
·       Sponsor Letter                       : 400k
·       4 Times Extension for 6 Months Stay : 2,8 Mill
·       One Day Service Social Visa Application : $180 SGD (pay to agent in Singapore)

Please visit our office in Canggu:
Jl. Raya Semat Block CIII/6 Canggu Bali, 80361
Phone / Whatsapp : +62812 3618 3120

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